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   About Kawai Consulting Limited  

Welcome to Kawai Consulting, If you’re looking for good ideas for business, this is the place to find a few.
Kawai is a consulting firm that is designed to meet the needs of a variety of clients:

Companies making big changes to the way they do business
People who need short term high quality staff on short notice
Audit professionals

Our Services include:

Finance  Management
 & Finance
Auditors  Services to Auditors

 Virtual Executives

Software  Business Software

Management and Financial Consulting ideas

We are always excited by the chance to tackle unusual questions. Like these ones:

“What’s a fair producer price to pay farmers for my inputs?”
“How much should I be asking for my company’s shares?”
“Who is the best person to lead my company?”
“How can I get things out of my warehouse five times faster?”
“What are my customers’ biggest worries and how can I deal with them?”
“Can you really shorten our business process from 3 weeks to two days just by using technology and still do it better?”
“How can I cut my cost of borrowing by a big number – like 50%?”
“Exactly how did my money disappear? Who took it?”

Our experts have successfully responded to these questions over the years and are now delighted to be able to offer them in Kawai Consulting, a consulting practice launched in November 2013. Our people have carried out assignments to answer these questions for some of the largest companies in the region as well as some of the smallest. We’ve heard a lot of good ideas which we hope to share with you.

In business, it’s always a good idea to listen and hear what others are doing and saying. The very best performers are always in the habit of learning. We’ve assembled a team of people that love learning how people do things and using this knowledge to help organisations do things well do them even better. We’re also good at spotting those organisations that could do better and making useful suggestions about how they can do so.

Please click any of the links above to see areas in which we are able to help you tackle these questions with good ideas for business.

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