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 Training Programmes  


Training Programmes

By utilising Kawai’s extensive capabilities, audit firms only need to agree on a schedule of essential training and this can be delivered on a customised basis to their staff. Firms with similar training needs can group together to save costs. It ensures that staff are kept up to date but also that they receive first-class audit training all the way from the basics of working papers to complex audit management and client-facing tasks.

We are also able to act as your training record-keepers so that persons receiving training from us are able to see a record maintained online for easy download and use in regulatory reviews. Thisis because keeping one’s staff sharp is not just necessary to run a successful practice. It is also a requirement of International Standard on Quality Control No. 1 (ISQC1). Using this service will ensure that you are in full compliance without having to hire:

A technical manager
A training manager
A training assistant to maintain professional training records

Click here to access a sample training record>>


Basic audit techniques

For the beginners in your organisation who have little or no experience at all. This provides solid grounding in a five day training. Topics include:
Practical basics of audit (such as how to prepare and cross-reference working paper files) Logic of audit including the meaning of concepts such as, audit evidence, materiality, etc Mechanics of auditing basic balance sheet areas.

Click here to download a full course outline>>


Intermediate auditing

For more experienced persons especially those responsible for leading teams in the field. It introduces best practice in:

Assessing risk
Documenting client internal controls
Sampling methodology
Understanding the requirements of ISA in these areas
How to supervise teams of people
Practical aspects of preparing reports including management letters.
Related parties
Audit opinions

You can select from a list of topics and we can present these for you rather than have them all as a standard package, depending on your specific training needs.

Click here to download a list of topics>>


Advanced auditing

For senior level staff who are involved in more than just routine audit.
It includes activities needed to ensure that audits are successfully concluded such as communication for audit. Also covers:

Audits of specialised entities such as groups and using the work of other people
Project audits
Agreed-upon procedures
Fraud detection
Forensic audits
Preparing accountants’  reports for publication in fund raising statements

Click here for a list of the topics>> under which we can design custom advanced auditing courses for you.

We can do this in-house and can customise our training to fit your methodology. You may also prefer to attend one of our mixed group sessions, particularly for the more senior courses where your specific firm’s procedures are less critical.

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IFRS Training

IFRS has been in this region since 1999 and many people can confidently say that they understand the requirements of these standards. But are you confident that you are up to date with the latest changes? Some of these involve complex calculations and may make a significant change to the way your client’s financial statements look with significant impacts on profitability and financial position. Kawai can provide training on the latest changes so that both you and your teams are able to respond clearly to clients about the impact of these changes.
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E-learning – (coming soon)

Look out for this on this website in the near future. Kawai is preparing a series of e-learning modules combining podcasts, videos and interactive web pages for self-study and testing. It will also include downloadable notes and podcast transcripts.

“Soft” skills

We are also able to provide training in soft skills in partnership with various associate firms. Please contact us>> if you have any specific areas in which you would like to be trained in soft skills.

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