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Virtual Execs
   Introducing, The Virtual Executive  

This service arose out of requests by companies for temporary, medium to high level finance, accounts and IT staff to help them meet deadlines, especially audit deadlines.

Are you in a situation where you urgently need to fill a critical finance, accounting or IT position? Virtual Executives may be a  temporary solution for you, especially if what you need is a senior person you can trust.  We can place a skilled and experienced professional at your disposal on short notice, sometimes within 48 hours.

Companies that use this service are typically those needing:

  1. Staff to fill in for key executives who are on leave or on assignments abroad,
  2. To staff a short-lived project needing only short-term expertise on a full-time basis
  3. To deal with an emergency situation
  4. To provide talent for corporate restructuring or business process re-engineering.
  5. To keep up because they are  growing too fast and haven’t had time to go through all the regular recruitment processes.
  6. To postpone a deployment decision but need to keep the work going

Our medium to senior level temp executives in finance and IT can carry all your critical tasks including:

bullet Financial and cost accounting,
bullet Supervision,
bullet Financial management,
bullet Treasury management,
bullet Internal audit,
bullet Network administration,
bullet IT security monitoring,
bullet Routine it troubleshooting,
bullet Routine work on implementation of IT systems – from LANs through VPNs and more critical enterprise applications.

We are experienced at selecting and vetting people who can work independently and on a short-term basis in middle to top management roles. We use a thorough vetting and background check procedure to recruit them so that you can rest in the knowledge that your organisation's operations are safe in their hands.

Our people are men and women who are able to keep confidential matters confidential, act with integrity, use their own initiative where it is needed and understand how to work within your protocol, systems and procedures where this is needed.They can work late and in a wide range of locations and environments countrywide and regionally.

We are not a recruitment agency; we are here to provide a temporary solution that suits your requirements. The cost of the persons provided is excellent value as there are no costly engagement or disengagement procedures. When it is time for them to leave, they leave.

The minimum engagement is for one month but we are able to make the same person available for a year or more if desired. Our experience is that in a number of cases, clients choose to retain our associates as permanent staff. We accept this and only require that our clients pay us a finder’s fee.

The advantage to you

  1. You are able to acquire top flight skills for your organisation on short notice.
  2. No lengthy recruitment or costly disengagement procedures. This is perfect for temporary needs or projects.
  3. If you like the people we assign you and you wish to negotiate a permanent contract with them, you can. In effect, you get to “try before you buy.” Think of it as a very long, very effective interview.
  4. Significant cost savings on recruitment. It has been estimated that it costs up to 1.5 times the cost of an employee to recruit a fresh one. Acquiring temporary staff and getting to know them before offering a permanent contract enables you to continue to obtain value while you evaluate them.
  5. You are sourcing your professionals from people that have been trusted by many organisations including multi-nationals to provide highly skilled temporary staff.
  6. A wide range of professionals to choose from. Usually we can make the selection for you based on our assessment of your requirements.However, there is no charge for meeting and interviewing them before you make a selection. They start costing you when they start producing for you.


If you need a Virtual Executive please click here so that we can assess your requirements as per the form at the link for a faster response. We can usually find someone suitable from our network within 48 hours.

Per Day
bullet Junior/clerical accounting staff
bullet Entry level personnel (mid-range accountants)
bullet Senior accountants
bullet Chief Accountants and Finance Manager equivalents
bullet Specialists e.g. capital issues, restructuring, systems implementation, etc.
Subject to exact needs- minimum US$ 300/ day

Please note:

This service is subject to a minimum engagement fee of USD 1,000 or minimum period of one month, whichever is higher on any one engagement but this does not vary with the number of personnel supplied.

Should the client offer permanent employment to the associate as a result of their work on an outsourcing assignment, Kawai Consulting will charge a finder's fee of US$ 1,000 per associate.

Mileage is chargeable at prevailing AA rates per kilometre for travel outside Nairobi or away from client's main premises. (This may be paid directly by the client to the associate.)

Costs of travel & subsistence overnight or outside the country will be charged at the prevailing Kawai rates unless met directly by the client.

All rates are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. (Currently 16%). All assignments will be billed one month in advance. Fee notes are due and payable upon presentation.



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